Knoq works with partners who are passionate about the products and services they sell. Our app will only facilitate sales of genuine products and unique offers that make people’s’ lives better.

We work with many partners and products across a variety of industries, but our bread and butter is working with industries that directly affect the home.

Cable & Telecom

Telephone, cable, and internet companies are rapidly changing their technologies and looking for better ways to interact and communicate with residential customers directly. Knoq has worked by some of the largest companies in the industry, but also by smaller and future looking disruptors as well. Knoq neighborhood sales is the method of choice for companies large and small in Cable and Telecom.


Renewable companies, retail energy companies, natural gas companies and electricity companies are all looking for ways to differentiate themselves with residential customers. The best way to do this is to make a greater effort to talk to customers directly. Neighborhood sales has changed the game in energy and the best groups are using Knoq.


Solar companies have been searching for the best ways to educate and inform customers about the benefits of going solar. Rooftop and Community solar companies have all looked to Knoq to bring the news of solar energy directly to the doors of customers around the country. Knoq conversations with people in their homes has proven to be one of the best methods the industry uses today to educate customers and get them off the grid.

Smart Home

The future of the modern home is moving rapidly into providing “Smart” products using inter-connected app based systems. With the variety of products available in the market, industry leaders have struggled to break through and differentiate themselves in the Smart Home space. Knoq has been instrumental in conversing with thousands of households by promoting the most cutting edge technologies and brands directly in the homes of customers.

Home Security

Customers wanting to protect themselves, their families, and possessions have long been known to prefer conversations that cater home security systems to their unique living circumstances. Not every home is built the same way and in most cases do not need the same solutions. Knoq is proudly working with some of the best companies in the industry by reinventing how neighborhoods and people are making security decisions by conversing with individuals in person to find the best solution for their home.

Other Industries

Knoq has worked with clients in a variety of unique and forward-looking industries. This includes industries not mentioned already or who have traditionally been sold at the door. Differentiated service providers looking to increase their brand, offers, and products by talking to customers directly are already doing so by using Knoq’s neighborhood reps. If you are interested in opening up your product and offer directly to customers and neighborhoods across the country regardless of your industry, Knoq would like to talk to you.