Neighborhood Outreach

When people go out into their own neighborhoods and talk to their neighbors about products and services that can make their lives better.

Research shows that interacting with people in person can improve your sense of belonging and overall happiness. We are making the world a more genuine place where we all want to live.



Operating Principles of Neighborhood Outreach

  1. 1Our neighborhood representatives are guided by Knoq technology so they know where to go, who to talk to and what to say. This ensures that interactions drive value and safety is preserved.
  2. 2Our app will only facilitate the sale of genuine products that make peoples’ lives better.
  3. 3Knoq neighborhood sales reps will forge relationships with people in their homes so that we are their first call when they need something.
  4. 4We will be honest and respectful in every interaction.
  5. 5Our technology does not facilitate pushy door-to-door sales.
  6. 6Our technology trains and guides neighborhood sales representatives to help homeowners understand important home decisions.
  7. 7Homeowners need to compare and understand competitive product/service offerings to choose the right offerings for them.
  8. 8Talking to representatives in person and asking questions is a better purchasing journey than buying expensive and confusing products online.
  9. 9Knoq is the brand of nice, trustworthy people.
  10. 10We will make the world a better place by meeting people in person and listening to their needs.

What products are sold through neighborhood outreach?

We sell products and services that are used around the home and have a big impact on peoples’ lives. Examples of products sold through neighborhood outreach include solar, home security, telecoms/wifi, and home repair services.

Our commitment to safety

With every safety feature we add and every standard in our Community Guidelines we uphold, we’re committed to working to create a safe environment for our users. Learn more about our Community Guidelines here.

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