Our Raving Fans

Devin Baer

National Head of Sales
Google Fiber

“One of the things that impresses me most in working with Knoq is that they are a brand that both customers and partners can trust. They are absolute experts at putting their Neighborhood Representatives on the door steps of potential customers and seamlessly offer multiple products in a professional manner and with a “customer first” mindset.”

Anthony Archibald

Chief of Staff

“Talking to customers in person is a huge brand differentiator but to do it well you need top-of-the-line software and data. Knoq is changing the world by making neighborhood outreach accessible to all companies.”

Elise Rubin

Global Head of Program Management
Google Nest

“It is incredible to see how quickly the market of neighborhood sales is growing around the Knoq product. Knoq is building a world where people talk to each other in person and respect each others’ values. Technology like Knoq makes in-person outreach at an epic scale possible and I am excited to see what the world looks like when Knoq is a household name.”

Walker Wright

VP of Policy & Strategy Group Director

“I’m drawn to Knoq because the vision represents a more engaged world in which we’re interacting with (in a real way), understanding and helping our neighbors improve their lives with genuine products that move society forward. Technology used to further this true human-to- human collaboration empowers progress.”

Brian Leonard


“The world will be a better place if we talk to our neighbors and listen to them more about the products and services that will make their lives better. I was drawn to Knoq because they are building this world with technology that lets us all be better, more engaged neighbors. Neighborhood sales reps are the future!”

Kevin Scharig

Scharig Alarm

“Using Knoq for our Neighborhood Outreach has been a game changer for us. It has allowed us to reach customers we normally would not in a thoughtful data driven way.”

Dipin George

Sr Manager, Sales Operations at Inspire
Inspire Energy

“Inspire’s relationship with our members is at the core of what drives our organization. Our partnership with Knoq allows us to utilize technology to enhance our member experience at the point of sale. Knoq’s software leverages data to help us offer individual value to each of our members with personalized offers, which we’ve seen increases their loyalty to Inspire.”

Malcom McDonald

Director of Sale Operations & Systems
Ledcor Technical Services

“Knoq is critical to our sales success. It lets us guide our sales reps on where to go, who to talk to and what to say. Growth has been great since we started using Knoq!”


“The team at Knoq is extremely data-driven and resourceful. They got us started in a few weeks and were able to run the program with remarkable ownership and commitment.”