For the duration of this crisis instead of door knocking we will be delivering groceries to our neighbors who are most in need. Join us.

Knoq Cares
All of us at Knoq are passionate about helping our communities. It is with a heavy heart that we have suspended our door knocking activities due to coronavirus, but we still want to help our neighbors.

While this crisis persists, Knoq is working with organizations such as the Greater Boston Food Bank, the Food Equality Initiative and Kroger to make sure that no one goes hungry during this time. Our Knoqers are shopping for groceries and delivering essential items to those who are most in need. Learn More

Powerful APIs built for developers

Knoq can be integrated with any of your systems using our open API documentation. So if it needs to be tightly integrated with your CRM for your business users, billing system for payments or ERP for order processing it can be programmed quickly and easily.

We eat the dog food

The entire Knoq service is built on our APIs so if you see it in the product and want to be able to edit the information or build off of those features you can do that using our APIs. Because we use it internally you can also be confident that it is built to scale for 100s of thousands of neighborhood sales representatives.

An API is only as good as its documentation

Our APIs are thoroughly documented with each individual request you can make including examples. If you have any questions you can always contact support and get an answer from our team. Read through the API documentation here to get started:

We believe every integration is unique and needs to be done right for the health of your organization.

  • Every CRM is set up differently. Our backend is flexible enough to help you track any information needed to get your jobs done.
  • Our team of dedicated support engineers will help you get rolling in no time.

  • Jeff Quinlan
    Senior Associate Sales Operations, Inspire Energy

    “The documentation Knoq provided on their API helped us get up and running quickly and we were able to build an integration that helped us offer individual value to each of our members with personalized offers.”

  • Jaya Tunuguntla
    Business Systems Analyst, Ledcor Technical Services

    “Knoq’s API is so flexible that we were able to build an integration that fits our unique business processes. This tight integration has lead to expanding our business across Canada.”

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