We are proud to announce that Knoq has been acquired by Ad Practitioners, a digital media platform that syndicates highly relevant content, tools, and news to reach in-market audiences. We are joining an exceptional portfolio of brands including Money.com and ConsumersAdvocate.org.

We will be continuing our mission of neighbors helping neighbors by combining our technology and data with Ad Practitioner’s product and content to further educate and match consumers with the products and services best for them.

Due to this exciting partnership, we will no longer be supporting our door knocking product or direct data sales.

If you are a partner who is interested in learning more and working with Knoq and Ad Practitioners, we'd love to talk to you.

We are thrilled to share that we are growing our team in beautiful Puerto Rico. We have new roles in engineering, data science and many more. If you are on the search for your next opportunity, we'd love to hear from you!

Thank you to all our partners and friends for your years of support. Because of you, we proved that when we listen to each other and treat everyone like our neighbors, we build the world we want to live in.


What is Knoq?

Knoq is a technology company that recruits, trains and guides neighborhood sales representatives at scale. Our platform trains neighborhood representatives on how to sell and it then gives them access to a marketplace of local products/services that they can offer to their neighbors. We believe when people get offline and talk to each other in person, the world will be a better place.

What is a Knoqer?

Knoqers, otherwise known as neighborhood sales representatives, are Knoq’s W2 employees who forge relationships with people in their homes and help homeowners choose the best products and services for them.

What are Knoq’s vision/values?

At Knoq we are building a world where people talk to each other in person. Research shows that interacting with people in person can improve your sense of belonging and overall happiness. We are making the world a more genuine place where we all want to live by connecting neighbors to talk about products and services that can make peoples’ lives better.

Our team values are being motivated, intelligent and kind. Motivated means understanding that we are one team and we either win or lose together. Intelligent means asking hard questions to find the right answers and not just easy answers. And kind means celebrating diversity and being open-minded when talking to other people. We live these values both within our company and when talking to people who are not part of the Knoq team.

Can I use the Knoq app without engaging the Knoq team?

We do not offer our training platform to non-Knoq door knocking teams, but we do offer the sales efficiency part of our platform which includes our software and data solutions. With this technology you can guide and track your teams, monitor commissions and analytics and your reps will get custom, data-driven scripts and targeting.

How much does Knoq cost?

See our pricing page here and reach out to sales@knoq.co with any questions.

What kind of company makes a good customer for Knoq?

We work with business-to-consumer companies across the gamut! Our different products solve different problems. Any company can benefit from our customer data (sold wholesale from partner organizations). Our bread and butter are products and services that help around the home (see industry list here).

Can I use Knoq for political campaigns?

Our previous organization, Knoq, proudly worked with hundreds of campaigns across the country over the past few cycles. Due to the immense demand for the Knoq software and data solutions on the corporate side of our business, we are unable to support more campaigns on our system at this time.

Is Knoq a door-to-door sales tool?

Our technology does not facilitate pushy door-to-door sales. Knoq neighborhood representatives do knock on homeowners’ doors, but instead of pushing one product, our technology helps homeowners compare and understand different product/service offerings to find the best products/services for them. Knoq is the brand of dedicated and trustworthy people so if you ever want us to leave or not come back, just ask! What we’ve found, though, is that in many of our neighborhoods we are now homeowners’ first call, because we represent a community of products that can help get them to connect with the services they need.

Are homeowners ok with being sold to like this?

Yes! Our goal is that everyone is excited when they see a Knoq’er approaching our house because we always drive value. We only sell genuine products and we aim to give customers a choice, not a dishonest pitch about a product that doesn’t provide value. If you do not want your home contacted, please tell a Knoq’er (kindly if possible) and we will add you to our “Do Not Knock” list.

How can I report a poor experience with a Knoqer?

We strive to ensure that every interaction with a Knoq’er is nothing short of respectful and kind. If you have had a negative experience with a Knoq’er we absolutely want to know about it! You can report your experience to homeowners@knoq.co for us to review and take appropriate action.

Is it legal to knock on doors?

It is legal to knock on your neighbors’ doors! In 1976 the Supreme Court extended the First Amendment to commercial speech (Virginia State Board of Pharmacy v. Virginia Citizens Consumer Council, Inc.) and in 1980 they upheld your right to knock on doors and sell commercial items assuming that the pitch concerns lawful activity and is not misleading (Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp v. Public Service Comm.). Demonstrating “no solicitation” signs and already existing trespass laws are not sufficient to stop you from commercial communication door-to-door. (That being said we do our best to respect homeowners’ wishes.)

What do you do to ensure rep/homeowner safety?

Knoq takes rep and homeowner safety very seriously. See more details here.