Product Overview

Consumers desire brands that connect with them in genuine, personal ways. 92 percent of consumers trust brand recommendations from others, even from people they do not know, over branded content. This is why neighborhood outreach is the #1 most effective and exciting program for brands to reach consumers.

Knoq’s technology builds, trains and manages a team of neighborhood sales representatives. Knoqers are guided by data in our app that guides them on where to go, who to talk to and what to say.

Have your own in-person sales team? Our technology and data can work for you as well. Click here for more info.

Training at Scale

The Knoq onboarding process trains our people to do neighborhood sales and be phenomenal neighborhood representatives. Ongoing weekly training makes sure they remain the best.


  • Videos, training materials, presentations, quizzes, and automated scoring make sure that the reps can get a full understanding of the products they are selling and best practices when it comes to outside sales
  • The coaching platform lets each neighborhood rep practice with video pitches that automatically rate them on their tone, precision, and attention to detail and loop in managers for one-on-one feedback.
  • Ongoing educational materials and courses are automatically delivered to their mobile device to maintain their skills beyond their onboarding.

Neighborhood Sales

Knoq organizes and manages thousands of neighborhood sales reps across the country. Our technology makes sure that reps stay on brand and that they are talking to the right people at the right times.

  • Automated script recommendations with branching on customer responses and videos help guide interactions
  • Each Knoqer is assigned territories and optimized walk routes to maximize their time and efficiency
  • Data targeting ensures Knoqers are talking to homeowners about products/services that specifically benefit them
  • The team is kept up to date by being in constant contact with their managers and other local reps through integrated chat groups
  • Location tracking keeps reps safe and honest. Read more about security here.

Data & Optimization

Team Management

The secret sauce of Knoq is that everything neighborhood reps do is fed back to our data science team so that we can report on it, analyze it and optimize the way that we are working.

  • Real-time tracking show where reps are and monitors their success rates and fraud.
  • Automated reports help managers understand which territories, scripts, and neighborhood reps are most successful when selling their products
  • Predictive analytics lead to higher door open rates and close rates

Neighborhood Reps

Our neighborhood representatives (Knoqers) are not pushy salespeople. They are local people from their own regions representing a variety of products and their goal is to find the best fit for each customer’s needs.

  • Each rep passes a rigorous background check so that we can make sure that customer safety is paramount. Read more about safety here.
  • Location tracking keeps Knoqers safe and honest. Read more about data security here.
  • Gamification and leaderboards keep neighborhood reps engaged and competing to outperform each other. 
  • Teams are incentivized to grow rapidly with referral bonuses.

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