For the duration of this crisis instead of door knocking we will be delivering groceries to our neighbors who are most in need. Join us.

Knoq Cares
All of us at Knoq are passionate about helping our communities. It is with a heavy heart that we have suspended our door knocking activities due to coronavirus, but we still want to help our neighbors.

While this crisis persists, Knoq is working with organizations such as the Greater Boston Food Bank, the Food Equality Initiative and Kroger to make sure that no one goes hungry during this time. Our Knoqers are shopping for groceries and delivering essential items to those who are most in need. Learn More

Neighborhood Sales Software

The Knoq app is designed to make neighborhood sales data-driven, easy and effective.

Have a team of neighborhood sales representatives? Use our software (everything below minus training) and targeted data to guide them to be the best they can be.

Don’t have a team of neighborhood sales representatives? Partner with Knoq and we’ll use these tools to do your sales for you.