Due to Covid-19 safety concerns we paused neighborhood outreach in February. We feel for companies struggling to reach people in custom, personalized ways right now. Because we are neighbors helping neighbors, we have decided to open up our internal data platform to groups that are trying to reach people via direct mail, call centers and email during this time.

Our internal platform has data on 270M Americans (97%) based on our own outreach and on data partnerships we have cultivated throughout the years. We are opening this up to groups affected by Covid-19 to access phone numbers, addresses and emails which are ethically-sourced and verified face-to-face.

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Neighborhood Sales Software

The Knoq app is designed to make neighborhood sales data-driven, easy and effective.

Have a team of neighborhood sales representatives? Use our software (everything below minus training) and targeted data to guide them to be the best they can be.

Don’t have a team of neighborhood sales representatives? Partner with Knoq and we’ll use these tools to do your sales for you.