For the duration of this crisis instead of door knocking we will be delivering groceries to our neighbors who are most in need. Join us.

Knoq Cares
All of us at Knoq are passionate about helping our communities. It is with a heavy heart that we have suspended our door knocking activities due to coronavirus, but we still want to help our neighbors.

While this crisis persists, Knoq is working with organizations such as the Greater Boston Food Bank, the Food Equality Initiative and Kroger to make sure that no one goes hungry during this time. Our Knoqers are shopping for groceries and delivering essential items to those who are most in need. Learn More

Targeted Data

Knoq has relationships with all the top data companies to help you find qualified leads and customers for your products. Understanding who your customers are and what they care about is crucial to successfully running neighborhood sales and marketing campaigns.

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Comprehensive National Data File

We have exclusive data partnerships with credit, polling, energy and demographic databases. After years of matching this data with our internal models, we realized that our partnerships were so powerful that we could guide our partners to these leads as well.

Our exclusive data partnerships give you the power of over 240M records with over 400 variables for modeling, analytics or consumer outreach including the following:

  • Demographics
  • Values
  • Emotional Sentiments
  • Opinions
  • Lifestyle
  • Behavior
  • Financial
  • Career
  • Household

Industry Leading Insights

By utilizing our national partner data set you get the following unique information:

  • An aggregated national database acquired from direct surveys, credit bureau data and precise modeling
  • Emails and phone numbers to ensure you can connect with your leads as personally as possible
  • Geocoding information allowing you to utilize data in the Knoq app and software for door to door marketing 
  • Choose the area that you need by state, county, city, zip code, school district, political precinct, and many more options

Use Knoq’s Data to Be More Strategic and Efficient in All of Your Marketing Efforts

We have helped hundreds of our partners connect with people who are most likely to have an interest in their products. Don’t waste your time marketing to people who aren’t a fit for your products or who won’t qualify. Instead of guessing, use Knoq’s national database to improve the efficiency of your acquisition efforts, save time, and increase revenue. Get the best possible snapshot of consumers in the United States.

  • Home Automation Enthusiast

    Credit: 655 – 800
    Household Income: $115,000 – $250,000
    Home Value: $250,000 – $700,000
    Occupation: Software Developer

    Personality: Optimistic, proud, tech-savvy,
    Interests: Gardener, car enthusiast, loves football
    Values: Health-care for all, free-speech, environmentalist

  • Home Security Buyer

    Credit: 625 – 750
    Household Income: $85,000 – $175,000
    Home Value: $150,000 – $500,000
    Occupation: College Professor

    Personality: Excited about the future, caring, parental
    Interests: Child-centric, enjoys cooking, baseball
    Values: Privacy, free-speech, church-goer

  • Green Energy Supporter

    Credit: 600 – 725
    Income: $90,000 – $210,000
    Home Value: Likely rents
    Occupation: Entrepreneur

    Personality: Opinionated, extrovert, feminist
    Interests: Photography, exercise, traveling
    Values: Pay equality, Climate change, racial equality

We Respect Privacy

We believe that data should be a force for good so we don’t sell data collected on our app. Our data and learnings are used to improve our in app experience for companies doing neighborhood sales. Our app has been used to knock 10M doors and have 3M conversations. We were able to match these 3M conversations with an 82% success rate to the (credit, energy and demographic) consumer databases mentioned here and these correlations power our back-end targeting and chat recommendation engines.
Learn more about the full Knoq product here

Security is Paramount

Knoq recognizes that your personal and corporate data is very sensitive. We combine enterprise-grade security features with comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure customer data is protected. Learn more about our security here.

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