Knoq IQ

Insightful data helps you win. Learn how Knoq’ data will increase your customer acquisition, lower your churn and make you the industry leader.

Find the Right Customers

  • Enrich and expand your audience using targeted look-a-like modeling of your data
  • Optimize your direct mail, digital marketing, and call center efforts
  • Use a small sample of audience segmentation data to build out a larger list for your reps to call on
  • Remove houses from your routes that have traditionally yielded the lowest returns

Cater Your Message to Each Individual Customer

  • Apply predictive and prescriptive analytics to help sales people close more deals
  • Determine customers responsiveness to certain sales pitches and cross sell opportunities
  • Our data scientists can provide recommendations for actions you can take to achieve your business goals

Build Insights Relevant to You

  • Work with the Knoq team to better understand your goals and determine what insights will get you there
  • Use pre-collected data or collect data with the Knoq distributed door knocking teams
  • Know your customers better than anyone else in your industry

The best customers look like your current customers. Knoq gives you specifics on your potential customers, derived from respectful, data-driven psychology-based conversations.

  • Sally Sanderson
    2 Oak st, 32, Single, Democrat, Female

    Zip: 94209
    Credit: 695
    Income: $85,000
    Home Value: $215,000
    Occupation: Software Developer

    Personality: Optimistic, proud, tech-savvy,
    Interests: Gardener, car enthusiast, loves football
    Values: Health-care for all, free-speech, environmentalist

  • Elliot Eberhardt
    8 Main st, 43, Married, Republican, Male

    Zip: 83254
    Credit: 673
    Income: $110,000
    Home Value: $362,000
    Occupation: College Professor

    Personality: Excited about the future, caring, parental
    Interests: Child-centric, enjoys cooking, baseball
    Values: Privacy, free-speech, church-goer

  • Maria Martinez
    5 Park st, 26, Single, Democrat, Female

    Zip: 10048
    Credit: 693
    Income: $60,000
    Home Value: Likely rents
    Occupation: Entrepreneur

    Personality: Opinionated, extrovert, feminist
    Interests: Photography, exercise, traveling
    Values: Pay equality, Trump (angry), racial equality

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